“When we see love as the will to nurture one's own or another's spiritual growth, revealed through acts of care, respect, knowing, and assuming responsibility, the foundation of all love in our life is the same. There is no special love exclusively reserved for romantic partners. Genuine love is the foundation of our engagement with ourselves, with family, with friends, with partners, with everyone we choose to love."

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Side or right effects of relationships!

Weight gain often accompanies marriage.  Couples can become couch potatoes, watching TV instead of being on the go.  Working out may take a backseat now that one is no longer on the prowl for a mate.  Nurturing your loved one with delicious meals, celebrating with food and frequently enjoying cocktails together can pack on the pounds.  Couples can influence one another with eating... Continue Reading →

How Teens Use Social Media

Being a Social Media professional myself I have to confess that most of the things you see on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn have been presented to you to sell things, change perceptions, wire your brain into decision-making. It's a wide known fact and most of the people are slowly becoming aware of it; but do... Continue Reading →

Is The Body Acceptance Movement Making you Fat?

Scroll through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and you’re sure to find at least one example of a woman’s declaration of love for her curves, acceptance of her “flaws,” and body-positive outlook in a world of perfect models and even more perfect (and unrealistic) magazine covers. There has been a proliferation of full-sized celebrities: Melissa McCarthy... Continue Reading →

An Insignificant Woman

Movies, or for that matter media in general, are often said to be the reflection of the society. Or at least that’s what majority of people in India consciously or unconsciously tend to believe. While it’s arguable whether the media truly reflects the society or not, there’s no doubt that media has a big sociocultural... Continue Reading →

Evolution happens when a new trait is required by species to cope with its surroundings, otherwise known as Adaptation. I believe technological advancements have nullified such a need. In the day and age of digital media and traditional media advancements, we humans technically have everything we have ever needed, brought to us with just a... Continue Reading →

Androgynous what?

Masculinity and femininity are starting to merge in fashion, celluloid and androgyny is finally being seen as a real thing. For me and I’m sure many others, this new way of thinking is allowing us to explore society beyond the regular veils. In society there is a pressure to dress a certain way and I... Continue Reading →

Size does matter

A woman's body goes through a multitude of changes in her entire lifetime. Sizes change, stretch marks come and go, muffin tops become a reality and so do love handles. Having fought the society for a decade and defending my weight loss - gain, I have decided to put this conversation to rest. I am... Continue Reading →

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